Thursday, May 13, 2010

9. Transformer Owl
There aren't even words. Pics don't do it justice. Watch the video if you can, whole thing:

7. Gerenuk
Your basic African antelope, except with limbs so long that it's reminiscent of a spider. Not sure how evolution managed to come up with a species that makes the giraffe look well-proportioned in comparison, but somehow, it did.

8. Maned Wolf
Like that lanky kid in middle school who only ever got taller instead of broader, this guy goes through life looking like the Red Fox's beanpole cousin.

6. Takin
A goat-antelope from the Himalayas. I think that about says it all. It's like something straight out of Star Wars, all lumps and bumps and shaggy hair.

4. Tibetan Fox
Not sure what is up with up with this animal's face, but it's vaguely baboon-like and very startling.

5. Sun Bear
Somehow, the Sun Bear manages to take everything intimidating out of being a bear. They have wrinkly, sort of dopey-looking faces, and large flat necks. They also have elongated, thin tongues, and inward-pointing feet that make them walk pigeon-toed.

3. Przewalski's Horse
Think of Black Beauty, graceful and dark and gorgeous. Flowing mane, arched neck, noble bearing.

Then take a look at this. This is what the ancient version of the horse is, and it ain't pretty. The necks on these beasts are absurd! Even the babies are rather unfortunate looking.

Awkward Animals

Jordan likes to make fun of my affinity for weird, odd, and dumb-looking animals. In keeping with this tendency, I've decided to make a few posts dedicated to the strangest and most ungainly creatures of the world. I tried to stay away from the ones that everybody already knows about (the platypus, the hyena, the naked mole rat).

1. Fennec Fox
This little guy is adorable, but he also has ears that are definitely large enough to be considered awkward. They help dissipate heat (as with elephants), and are actually sensitive enough that the fox can hear prey moving underground.

2. Aye Aye
You WANT this little thing to be cuter. The potential is there: small, clingy, sort of like a tropical squirrel. But alas, nature gave the Aye Aye an almost hairless body, big creepy bug eyes, and long fingers for tapping trees to find grubs. Ick.

Friday, April 30, 2010

25 out of 20 on the part of the exam that I got back today in Comparative Colonialism. The teacher could barely contain himself, he was grinning when he handed me back my paper and said "LOOK AT YOUR GRADE!" the second it was in my hand. I'm not sure how I got extra credit, there were no bonus questions, it was just straight up essays. But I'll take it!